RUM Bot Live Alerts




Version 3.1.4


  • Chat Overlay CSS redone.

Set size of chat box in properties to
Width: 700
height: 1000
Once added, simply grab the corners to resize to area, then in properties adjust height by typing to desired height.

Extra Custom Files for Chat CSS Overlay:


CSS Overlay Black Background

CSS Overlay Black Gradient Background




RUM Bot Alert Tools

Are you ready to spruce up your streams and make them epically better? We have the tools you need to help make that happen.

Rum Bot Live alerts

By incorporating live alerts, streamers can highlight new followers, donations, and other interactive elements, making the stream more dynamic and engaging. This heightened level of interaction can help retain viewers, encourage more participation, and ultimately grow a streamer’s audience

RUM Bot for Discord

Rumbot Rumble Live Alert Bot offers advanced real-time notifications for Rumble streamers, integrating seamlessly with Discord to keep communities updated on live events and stream activities. This powerful tool enhances engagement by providing timely alerts, ensuring that audiences never miss a moment of the action.

Super Secret Stuffs

This is for the super secret stuff that we have either:
1. Not Realized yet
2. Have not told you yet
3. Have yet to make but have things running around in our brains and will code it soon.


“RUM Bot just works. It’s easy to use and comes packed with features for your custom emotes and custom alerts. It also has a built in chat overlay that grabs your chat automatically, so there’s no need to copy and paste your chat url. The chat logo and transparent overlay are super slick looking. It adds just the right amount of flair without taking over the scene. Just download it. You won’t regret it.”

– DoomGn0m3

Misfit Electronic Gaming

” I use RUMBOT to help during Livestreams to stay connected to My Followers on my channel. With the RUMBOT controls for Follower, Subscriber, Rant and Raid it makes it very easy to set up your stream in OBS, Stream Elements and SLOBS. RUMBOT is the best for using on your Livestreams on Rumble.”

– Misfit Electronic Gaming


“I’ve found RumBot to be a fantastic tool that is easy to set up and use. The creators are always happy to help troubleshoot any issues you might experience to get things working the way you like.”

– AlphaZeroOmega