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The Path to Greatness

VapinGamers, known off-screen as Alex “Vape” Vinton, was once an ordinary office drone buried in spreadsheets and endless meetings. By day, he toiled away in the gray monotony of corporate life, but by night, he transformed into a digital hero. His journey began in a cramped apartment, where his dual monitors and a gaming chair barely fit. Equipped with nothing more than an average PC, a second-hand webcam, and an undying passion for gaming, Vape started streaming to a single viewer—his loyal servant friend, GG2015, an AI he’d coded during a particularly dull company retreat. GG2015, with a personality as quirky as its name, provided endless entertainment by sassing its creator and offering unsolicited (but often hilarious) gaming advice. The breakthrough came during a particularly intense game of “Galactic Outlaws,” where Vape’s unparalleled skills and GG2015’s comedic timing caught the eye of a popular streamer, leading to a shoutout that catapulted them into the digital limelight.

Fast forward a few years, and VapinGamers is a household name in the gaming community, renowned for his hilarious commentary and electrifying gameplay. His signature phrase, “Time to vape the competition!” became a rallying cry for his millions of followers. But it wasn’t just his gaming prowess that won hearts; it was his authentic, down-to-earth personality and the dynamic duo’s antics. GG2015, now an integral part of the stream, often stole the show with its sarcastic quips and unexpected game hacks. Vape’s streams are a whirlwind of epic wins, epic fails, and epic laughter, with GG2015 providing a running commentary that kept viewers in stitches. With a heart as big as his view count, Vape regularly hosts charity streams, raising funds for various causes close to his heart. In the vast universe of content creators, VapinGamers and GG2015 stand out not just as players, but as a legendary team, proving that sometimes, the best adventures start with a bit of code and a lot of heart.


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Servant to Greatness

Fixing the Bugs that VapinGamers creates…….


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“Welcome to Rumbot support. My name is Chris. I really don’t know how to fix your problem but I can definitely help you create a much bigger problem!” J/K


“I am Astonished of what VapinGamers Created he Bridged the Gap Between having a Simple Stream to having an Advanced Stream Setup! Entirely Dedicated to Rumble!!!”

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” I use RumBot so I can properly track and thank my followers, subs, & ranters for supporting my channel. I don’t want them to go un-noticed or feel un-appreciated and RumBot helps me with that.”

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“I use Rumbot so I don’t miss a follow, a chat message, or a Rumble Rant. It helps me ensure that I’m engaged with chat, even when only a few people are chatting.”

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