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Alerts for Discord

Live alerts for you and your community

Introducing the RUM Bot Live Alert Tool – your ultimate sidekick for enhancing your streaming experience on Discord. Designed with streamers in mind, our live alert tool ensures your community never misses a moment of your action-packed streams. Seamlessly integrating with your favorite platforms, RUM Bot sends real-time notifications to your servers the instant you go live. No more worrying about whether your audience knows when you’re streaming; with RUM Bot, your fans will be the first to know and join the fun.

Our live alert tool allows you to customize what channel is used for the notification. Choose from either a standard announcement or a @everyone to make each notification pop. RUM Bot doesn’t just keep your community informed; it also adds a touch of flair to your server, keeping your audience engaged and excited. So, gear up, go live, and let RUM Bot handle the rest – turning your streaming sessions into must-watch events for all your followers.

RUM Bot Alert Tools

Are you ready to spruce up your streams and make them epically better? We have the tools you need to help make that happen.

Rum Bot Live alerts

By incorporating live alerts, streamers can highlight new followers, donations, and other interactive elements, making the stream more dynamic and engaging. This heightened level of interaction can help retain viewers, encourage more participation, and ultimately grow a streamer’s audience

RUM Bot for Discord

Rumbot Rumble Live Alert Bot offers advanced real-time notifications for Rumble streamers, integrating seamlessly with Discord to keep communities updated on live events and stream activities. This powerful tool enhances engagement by providing timely alerts, ensuring that audiences never miss a moment of the action.

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